Connecting to the Microsoft file servers for PCs not on Active Directory

On Windows computers, connecting to the Windows file servers requires authenticating (logging in) with: ad_williams\username.

The file server can be mapped to a drive letter:

  1. From the Computer window select Map Network Drive (or right click on Network)
  2. Enter the full path to the windows share folder e.g. \\<servername>
    1.  <servername> could be files1, files2 or files3 depending on where you need to connect.  A list of server names and the volumes on them is available from Drive-mappings-on-the-new-microsoft-file-servers
    2. For example \\ would take you to a list of the departments you have access to on that server
  3. Check reconnect at login
  4. Check use different credentials and from there put in the ad_williams\username and your password