Connecting to the Microsoft file servers - Macs

  1. From the Go menu select:  Connect to Server
  2. Type in smb://<servername>
    <servername> could be files1, files2 or files3 depending on where you need to connect.
    A list of server names and the volumes on them is available hat this link: Drive-mappings-on-the-new-microsoft-file-servers (Click the + sign on the right to make this a Favorite so the information will be saved for you)

    For example: smb:// would take you to a list of the departments you have access to on that server.

  3. Login with your short username and password.
  4. Shortcuts to folders or to the mounted volume can be created and placed on the desktop, in the Favorites section of the Finder window or in the dock (to the right of the spacer)