Data Management

Google Team Drive

Google Team Drives are shared spaces where groups (teams) can easily store, search, and access their files from anywhere. Unlike files in My Drive, files in Team Drive belong to the team instead of an individual. Even if members leave Williams, the files stay in place so your team can… Continue reading »

Managing Google Suite Files – Changing Ownership

Transfer Ownership of a Single Document In the document’s sharing settings: Go to the document’s sharing settings First make the desired owner an Editor (if they are not already) Save Change their role to Owner Detailed Instructions are available in the Google support article: Transfer File Ownership Transfer… Continue reading »

Connecting to the Microsoft file servers – Macs

From the Go menu select:  Connect to Server Type in smb://<servername> <servername> could be files1, files2 or files3 depending on where you need to connect. A list of server names and the volumes on them is available hat this link: Drive-mappings-on-the-new-microsoft-file-servers (Click the… Continue reading »

Department Drive Mappings on the Microsoft File Servers

Servers and Volumes mapped to the noted Windows servers (Active Directory) College network file servers changed from Novell to Microsoft.  The overall naming convention also changed from personal names (e.g. Hector) to a basic numbering scheme (e.g. Files2) Short summary Files1  have Achilles’ and Athena’s Volumes… Continue reading »

Mapping a Network Drive (Windows/Mac)

Windows Once logged into Active Directory (AD) the shared drive associated to the department will automatically map.  There are some instances where access to another department’s drive is granted to an individual and the drive mapping needs to be done manually: Right-click  ‘Computer’ icon on the Desktop Select ‘Map Network Drive…’ Select… Continue reading »

Saving/Migrating Email and Docs when leaving Williams

Faculty Email accounts are disabled three months after leaving the college.  Forwarding and auto-reply is disabled one year after leaving. See  Automatically forward emails to another account for instructions on how to forward Williams email. Staff Email account is disabled on the separation date.  Forwarding to a… Continue reading »

Google Drive

Google's Online Documentation Meet Drive Using Drive For Work Help Center View your Storage Usage What is Williams College Google Drive? Williams College Google Apps are a set of services provided by the Office for Information Technology that give… Continue reading »

Data Classification Policy and Usage Guidelines

Data Classification Policy and Usage Guidelines Whether you study, teach or work at the College, you possess information that should be protected from exposure.  Personal information has a lot in common with money – it has value, whether it’s your SSN, bank account number, or account usernames & passwords.  These… Continue reading »

File Transfer Settings (FTP/SFTP)

You can use Dreamweaver to access web site files on our non-WordPress server ( File transfer settings (FTP/SFTP) Important note: If you are trying to transfer files from a computer not on the campus network (e.g., from home or on the road), you must connect to the campus network using… Continue reading »

Backing Up Data

What to back up There are two types of files: Data files that you create (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, pictures, etc.) Programs that you use to create your work (Word, Excel, Photoshop, etc.) and Operating System files (Windows or Mac OS) There is no need to backup the program files;… Continue reading »