Data Management

Seniors guide to saving and transferring files

Your Williams accounts will remain open until July 1, then will close and be deleted shortly after.  Google now charges for storage, so we need to clear space for the next class.  If you want to save your email, docs, photos, drive files or any other Google data you need… Continue reading »

Data Management at Williams: Storage and Backup

This guide outlines data management solutions pertaining to the storage and backup of active data, i.e., the storage you need to access and use for day-to-day research and teaching tasks, on College-issued computers for faculty and staff.  This page is intended for College faculty and staff using College-issued… Continue reading »

Google Drive, Email Storage, and their Sustainable Management

Google no longer provides unlimited storage for educational institutions. Why? Cloud storage requires servers and electricity. And, as data traffic grows, so will the use of fossil fuels. Growing cloud resources are particularly energy intensive accounting for 4% of global electricity consumption and 1% of global greenhouse… Continue reading »

Williams Shared Network Drives

Williams offers shared department network drives that are accessed from either your File Explorer (for Windows) or Finder (for Mac) . The data on these network drives are not stored on your computer. Each department has a shared drive that is accessible by members of that department. That means anything… Continue reading »

Google Drive

Google's Online Documentation Meet Drive Using Drive Use Google Drive for desktop For Work Help Center View your Storage Usage What is Williams College Google Drive? Williams College… Continue reading »

Data Classification Policy and Usage Guidelines

Data Classification Policy and Usage Guidelines Whether you study, teach or work at the College, you possess information that should be protected from exposure.  Personal information has a lot in common with money – it has value, whether it’s your SSN, bank account number, or account usernames & passwords.  These… Continue reading »

File Transfer Settings (FTP/SFTP)

You can use Dreamweaver to access web site files on our non-WordPress server ( File transfer settings (FTP/SFTP) Important note: If you are trying to transfer files from a computer not on the campus network (e.g., from home or on the road), you must connect to the campus network using… Continue reading »

Working From Off-Campus

There are many resources available to college faculty and staff when working remotely.  Some are straightforward and require no configuration, while some require prior setup or further consideration. These are resources you can access from anywhere, with any computer or tablet: Google Apps for Education (Email, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets… Continue reading »