Windows and Office Activation

Windows Windows 7 and Office 2010 & 2013 all need to be “activated” every six months by contacting the OIT license server.  This is a requirement put in place by Microsoft to reduce piracy.

There are typically two reasons a computer cannot activate:

  1. If it is off the college network for a period of time then it cannot contact the OIT license server.

    The solution is to run the Cisco VPN client from the Start menu which creates an on-campus connection.  Windows will re-activate itself after a few minutes on the network.  If Office complains about activation, run the Cisco VPN client as above, then open Word.

  2. The second common problem is that the time or date on the computer is off by more than an hour.  For some reason, the computer and the license server need to agree on the time, so check to see you are not on the wrong day, your clock is not off by more than an hour and that you are set with AM or PM correctly.