Purchasing a Computer (Faculty/Staff)

Departments planning on purchasing expensive computer items such as monitors, printers or computers themselves need to contact the Office for Information Technology. This is to ensure that the best academic price is achieved and that the college tax-free status is utilized. Monitors will generally require little to no support from OIT, but computers always will.  Any computer purchases made using college money (including grant and departmental purchases) need to be vetted by OIT for compatibility and serviceability.

Contact Seth Rogers, Director of Client Services, at [email protected] to start that process.

Smaller items like ergonomic keyboards, mice or external hard drives can be purchased without going through OIT.

Apple items can be purchased from the Apple Store for Education. Other items are available online from sites like Amazon, Newegg, Staples or Govconnection.

For personal purchases you can go through Apple and Dell (as a college employee or student you are eligible for the academic discount).