Computer Recycling (Greenup) Program

At the end of each year, students, faculty, and staff can safely and responsibly recycle personal computing equipment. Recycling computer equipment is much safer and better for the environment than simply throwing it away.  Also your old laptops and equipment might still have some life yet after being erased and refurbished.

What Can I Drop Off?

Desktops, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers and other peripherals that connect to computers.  Do not bring household items like TVs, VCRs, Microwaves, etc.  A Williams I.D. is required to drop off equipment.   The purpose of this project is to accept personal computing technology from faculty staff and students, we do not have the capacity to handle items from businesses.

Greenup Schedule

Dropoff dates for 2023 are Thursday May 18, Friday May 19 and Friday June 2 from noon to 2pm.

The dropoff location is the Facilities Storage Building behind the Tennis Courts.

Viable equipment will be reused, refurbished and donated. All else will be removed by a recycling firm.  Any computer equipment which is reused and donated will have the harddrive and data wiped securely beforehand.

What About Other E-Waste?

For college-owned equipment, contact the OIT helpdesk for information about proper disposal.  For more info about cell phones, college-owned thermostats, and more, visit the Recycling Guide.

Recycling computer equipment is not inexpensive.  OIT offers this as a free service to students and employees.

The contact for questions is [email protected]