Computers & Devices

Data Management at Williams: Storage and Backup

This guide outlines data management solutions pertaining to the storage and backup of active data, i.e., the storage you need to access and use for day-to-day research and teaching tasks, on College-issued computers for faculty and staff.  This page is intended for College faculty and staff using College-issued… Continue reading »

OS Updates (macOS & Windows)

OIT encourages all clients make sure the computer they are using for Williams related work, both OIT issued and personal, are running up to date operating systems. Click the appropriate section below for direction on how to check for updates on your device. We do recommend having a recent backup… Continue reading »

What kind of Document Camera should I use?

A document camera (a.k.a. ‘doc cam’) is a more modern version of an overhead projector. It’s useful for writing or diagramming about a topic, but also for the demonstration of a practice or technique. Although a standard webcam could also be used for this, a webcam may not… Continue reading »

Remote Computer Access

Remote Access allows you to connect to your on campus computer from a computer off campus. for instructions click the OS that matches what you are using on campus. Windows 10 To remote into your Williams issued Windows 10 computer from a computer off campus follow these steps: On… Continue reading »

First Days Computing Guide

Please read the important guides below regarding college accounts, getting your computer on the network, computer security and other fun and important information that will help you get online quickly and safely at Williams. If you have not purchased a computer for use while you are at Williams see:… Continue reading »

Network Device Registration

Most wireless devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets can connect to Eduroam.  If you have one of those devices you can follow our guide to get connected: . If you have a device that will not connect to Eduroam such as a smart TV, gaming system, or… Continue reading »

Windows and Office Activation

Microsoft Windows OSs and Office Suites, that are install on OIT provided computers, all need to be “activated” every six months by contacting the OIT license server.  This is a requirement put in place by Microsoft to reduce piracy. There are typically two reasons a computer cannot activate: If it… Continue reading »

Purchasing a Computer (Faculty/Staff)

Departments planning on purchasing expensive computer items such as monitors, printers or computers themselves need to contact the Office for Information Technology. This is to ensure that the best academic price is achieved and that the college tax-free status is utilized. Monitors will generally require little to no support from… Continue reading »

Computer Recycling (Greenup) Program

At the end of each year, students, faculty, and staff can safely and responsibly recycle personal computing equipment. Recycling computer equipment is much safer and better for the environment than simply throwing it away.  Also your old laptops and equipment might still have some life yet after being erased… Continue reading »

Student Guide to Technology at Williams

Recommended Brands for student computers OIT recommends Apple and Dell computers for their reliability and configurations.  Dell has service technicians in the area who make service calls to the college for computers requiring warranty repair. Williams College is committed to supporting both PCs and Macs. Academic departments and our… Continue reading »

Mobile Device Support

OIT provides support for many electronic devices.  Although we can’t anticipate all the ways in which these devices will be used we do offer a list of standard services that OIT provides for them. Prior to purchase, please read the Electronic Device Policy as stated by… Continue reading »

OIT Issued Computers Guide

Requesting A Computer New Hires Employees requiring a computer may log into the Web HelpDesk ticket system with their Williams credentials and choose the 'request a computer' type. Alternatively you can email [email protected] or call the Faculty/Staff Support Desk at 413-597-4090 to specify… Continue reading »

Determining MAC Addresses for Network Devices

A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a number that identifies the network adapter(s) on your device. You may need to provide your MAC address to register on the Williams Network if your device does not easily connect to Wi-Fi. To find the MAC address of your device, following the… Continue reading »

Working From Off-Campus

There are many resources available to college faculty and staff when working remotely.  Some are straightforward and require no configuration, while some require prior setup or further consideration. These are resources you can access from anywhere, with any computer or tablet: Google Apps for Education (Email, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets… Continue reading »