Web Browser Information for HR and Student Systems

NOTE: Versions higher than the certified version are likely to work as well

Supported Web Browsers for Student Records & HR
Apple Safari releases (8, 7, 6)
Google Chrome release (35)
Microsoft Internet Explorer releases (11, 10, 9)
Firefox 2 release (30, 24)

The core administrative systems are optimized for desktop use but the following mobile browsers are supported
Apple iOS 9-5
Safari Mobile

What if my browser is supported but isn’t working?

Try these steps

1. Clear any cookies. (Directions)
2. Make sure you are accepting cookies.
3. Exit completely from your web browser and try logging in again.

Internet Explorer 10 notes
1. In core administrative applications under certain conditions, the activity “spinner” may continue to spin and otherwise do nothing. Turning on IE compatibility mode will fix this. You can tell if it’s on if the “torn page” icon (visible at the top right of the browser window) is blue. Turn it on (or off) by clicking the torn page.