File Transfer Settings (FTP/SFTP)

You can use Dreamweaver to access web site files on our non-WordPress server (

File transfer settings (FTP/SFTP)

Important note: If you are trying to transfer files from a computer not on the campus network (e.g., from home or on the road), you must connect to the campus network using the college’s VPN software.

You’ll need to alter the information somewhat since you’re not me-

Host Directory will always begin with /web/. If your website is at, your host directory will be /web/foo. If it’s at, it will be /web/wp-etc/biology/ducks. Use whatever’s after and stick it after /web/.

If you haven’t updated your settings in a while, your host directory might start with /usr/local/web. This no longer works – simply drop the /usr/local part and start with /web.

Login & Password: use your standard Williams user name & password- the credentials you use to log into webmail.

URL prefix will start with but vary after that.