Computer Management and Licensed Academic Software Installation

Computers issued by the college utilize management software that allows OIT to push critical updates/fixes and allow users to install academic software they may need . These management tools include Jamf Pro for macOS and KACE (aka KBox) for Windows.

Students and home users on personal computers can also utilize KACE to download academic software.

You can access Jamf through the self service app located in the application folder on OIT issued Macs.
You can access Kace by logging in with your Williams credentials here:

Below are detailed instructions for using each to install or download academic software:

  • Williams (Jamf Pro) Self Service distributes software to college owned Macs. Self Service provides Williams licensed application packages that are available for faculty and staff to install on-demand. Jamf Pro Self Service is available on Macs that have been issued and set up by OIT.

    How to Use Self Service to Install Software Packages

    NOTE: If you are off campus you will need to be connected to the college VPN before running Self Service. More info on the VPN:

    On your Mac, go to the Applications folder and scroll down to Self and click on it. If you have an college owned Mac and the Self is not listed in Applications, Please Contact OIT.

    Here you will see a list of available apps for your Mac. Find the application you want to install, select Install.
    Do not install apps unless you need them and know what they are.

    A package description window may pop up, carefully read it for information about the app and possible installation or network requirements. Click install to start the installation of the app.

    If you don’t want to run the package, click close to cancel the installation.

    When the install starts a progress indicator will appear.When the installation has completed will see the app listed separately in your Applications folder.

  • Kace is used to distribute software to college owned Windows computers, Student computer and Fac/Staff personal computers.

    How to Use KACE to Install Software Packages

    Navigate to the URL: and log in with your Williams username (e.g. jnm1) and Password (same as your email password)

    Once logged in Click on the 'Go to the Downloads page" button. Here you will see a list of available software.

    Once you find the software you are looking for click the title. That will load the page for that software title. On the bottom of the software page you will see either a 'Download button' or a 'Run Now' button.

    If you see a 'Download' button simply click it to get the installer for that particular software title. Once the download has completed you can run the installer locally on your computer.


    If you see a 'Run Now' button that indicates the software is only licensed to run on College owned Windows computers. The 'Device to install software on:' field indicates which computer to install the software to. It should default to your current computer and also list any other Williams computers you have logged into. If you are unsure of what computer to select you can check your computer's name by right clicking the computer icon on your desktop then choose properties or search for 'About you PC' in Cortana.

    Clicking the "Run Now" now button will begin the automated installation of the software.


If you have any questions please contact OIT by email ([email protected]) or Phone (x4090)