Alternate Resources to Adobe Apps

While Adobe app may be the first thought when completing a task other alternative apps might complete the same task just as well. These alternative apps often are less complicated and quicker than their counterparts in the Adobe suite. The list below has some of OIT’s recommendations. Please take a look before committing to using the Adobe suite.

  • Create and Manage PDFs:

    Use Word or Google Docs to manage an ‘original’ from which PDF files are created as needed and then save as pdf, “print” to pdf, or export pdf.

    • Google Drive: You may convert any file into a PDF document by selecting Download, then PDF.
    • Microsoft Word: You may export any Word file to PDF by selecting "Export As," then PDF.

    Edit an existing PDF:

    • Microsoft Word: You may open a PDF with Word, then choose to Edit document to make PDF content editable.
    • Google Doc: Upload PDF to Drive, open with Doc

    Note: If you’re working with a scanned article or book, then you’re working at a disadvantage. Both Word and Doc will do their best to recognize scanned words and convert them to editable text, but the conversion is rarely 100% and you may lose all of the original formatting. For best results, consult a librarian to seek out a source that already has editable text.

    Merge PDFs:

    In Macs, the application Preview, which is native to Mac devices can merge PDFs.

    Many free options also exist for merging PDFs in Windows:

  • macOS, PC & Linux (free): Audacity
    Download here:

    Complete online FAQ and topic based resource guide:

    Topic based tutorials (text & screenshots):

    LinkedIn Learning video tutorial series: