Administrative System Project Definition Form

OIT AIS Project Definition Form

Use this form to describe your project. This will help the OIT Administrative Information Systems group evaluate it properly and determine what resources will be required to make it a success. If you are unclear about how to fill in this form, contact your friendly neighborhood AIS person for guidance.

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Enter your name.
Enter your Williams email address.
Provide a 1-line title that describes this project.
Describe the goals of the project in no more than a few paragraphs.
Who at Williams or elsewhere will need to be involved in order for this project to be a success?
If you expect this project will save the college money, please describe the potential for cost savings. Please be specific. Be sure to mention if this would be a one-time savings or if savings would be realized over several years.
If you expect this project will save time, please describe the potential for time savings. Please be specific. Be sure to describe whose time will be saved.
If this project will help the college comply with international, federal, state, or local laws, or meet requirements of other agencies (NCAA, COFHE, etcetera), please describe how the project will help meet the requirements. Please be specific.
If this project will improve services for applicants, students, alumni, faculty, or staff, please describe the improvements. Please be specific.
If there are any financial costs required to implement this project, describe them. Please include both one-time and recurring costs, such as annual maintenance. Please mention any funding that may be available to cover some or all of the costs.
Please list any deadline dates associated with this project.