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Google Calendar visibility

The default for Google Calendars at Williams is to have free / busy time visible but with no details.  This allows Williams people to send calendar invites to you and see times that are free or busy. To change your calendar visibility go to the calendar settings: The… Continue reading »

Change to Microsoft login

More college services are being added to the standard Okta login! Have you installed Word, Excel or Powerpoint on your home or personal computer using the college O365 login?  In order to do so you would have created a microsoft account using your Williams email address ([email protected]) and then downloaded… Continue reading »

Alternate Resources to Adobe Apps

While Adobe app may be the first thought when completing a task other alternative apps might complete the same task just as well. These alternative apps often are less complicated and quicker than their counterparts in the Adobe suite. The list below has some of OIT’s recommendations. Please take a… Continue reading »

OS Updates (macOS & Windows)

OIT encourages all clients make sure the computer they are using for Williams related work, both OIT issued and personal, are running up to date operating systems. Click the appropriate section below for direction on how to check for updates on your device. We do recommend having a recent backup… Continue reading »

Google Forms Quick Help Guide

Creating A Google Form *To edit the form at anytime, click on Edit questions Create a Form (from Drive) Click NEW in the top left corner. Click More Select Google Your Google Form will now be Naming your Google Form Click on the words Untitled Form Type your Title for… Continue reading »

Google Jamboard: FAQs

Q: What is a Jamboard? A: Jamboard is an electronic whiteboard from Google for Education. Williams faculty, staff, and students use the web and app-based shared virtual whiteboard solution for online visual collaboration. Google also uses this term for a physical device, or kiosk, which is not available at Williams. Continue reading »

Creating and Combining PDF Files

There are many situations where you need to convert documents or images to PDF format.  Fortunately, there are now quite a few tools and methods available to do both.   Apple MacOS Preview The Apple Preview app has easy-to-use tools for working with PDF’s.  See Apple’s article at… Continue reading »

How do I get access to a Zoom license?

Everybody in the Williams community has access to a Zoom license, but you will need to activate your account before you can use it. To activate your account: Go to and sign in using SSO (Single Sign-On) with your Williams email account. Once logged in, you can check to see… Continue reading »

How do I compare Google Meet and Zoom?

Everyone at Williams has access to Google Meet and a Zoom license for video conferencing. Please take a look at the guide below to see whether Meet or Zoom best fits your needs. Feature Google Meet Zoom Licensed Meet one-on-one or in… Continue reading »

Google Meet: FAQs for Instructors

Google Meet is a video conferencing system built into your Williams account and it integrates with your G-Suite Calendar and Gmail. Getting Started Q: How do I start a Google Meet video meeting? Q: How do I compare Google Meet and Zoom? Q:… Continue reading »

Remote Computer Access

Remote Access allows you to connect to your on campus computer from a computer off campus. for instructions click the OS that matches what you are using on campus. Windows 10 To remote into your Williams issued Windows 10 computer from a computer off campus follow these steps: On… Continue reading »

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Before downloading the applications within the Adobe Suite, you may consider using an alternative app, which are often more efficient and less complicated. Here is a list of Adobe app alternatives that OIT recommends. The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is available to all current Williams faculty and staff employees… Continue reading »

Microsoft Office 365 – Office 2021 Suite

Microsoft Office 365 for all Student, Faculty and Staff “personal” computers: Williams College provides Microsoft Office 365 for use to all enrolled students and employees at Williams. For Faculty and Staff our license with Microsoft allows for downloads of the latest office suite of… Continue reading »

Using MailChimp at Williams

Several departments at Williams College use the service MailChimp to send newsletters and announcements out to both on-campus and off-campus subscribers. MailChimp is not a mailing list, it’s an e-mail marketing tool best used for ‘one to many’ formal announcements and newsletters. Its advantage over a Google… Continue reading »

Student Records System Help Links

Browser Information – Information about supported web browsers and versions Help for Students and Alumni (Note: Alumni of the Class of ’05 and later can log in to the Student Records System) Your Williams email and password should be used to log into peoplesoft. For password and account help… Continue reading »

Last modified on May 26, 2024

Administrative System Project Definition Form

OIT AIS Project Definition Form Use this form to describe your project. This will help the OIT Administrative Information Systems group evaluate it properly and determine what resources will be required to make it a success. If you are unclear about how to fill in this form, contact your… Continue reading »

EMS Room Scheduler EMS Room Scheduler is used campus-wide for managing use of classrooms, labs and many meeting rooms. Important Notes Requests for usage of classroom spaces during academic-year hours cannot be considered until after class schedules are loaded into the system. This typically happens within the first… Continue reading »

Last modified on May 26, 2024

Human Resources System The Human Resources System provides access to the following: For Students View Paycheck, W-2 Payroll Forms Time Reporting For Faculty View Paycheck, W-2 Payroll Forms Time Reporting & Approval Address & Phone Updates Emergency Contact Updates Benefits Information Student Employment Hiring Information Employment Opportunities Note: As… Continue reading »

Last modified on May 26, 2024

Web Browser Information for HR and Student Systems

NOTE: Versions higher than the certified version are likely to work as well Supported Web Browsers for Student Records & HR Apple Safari releases (8, 7, 6) Google Chrome release (35) Microsoft Internet Explorer releases (11, 10, 9) Firefox 2 release (30, 24) The core administrative systems are optimized for desktop use but the following mobile browsers are supported Apple iOS 9-5 Safari Mobile What if my browser is supported but isn’t working? Try these steps 1. Clear any cookies. (Directions) 2. Make sure you are accepting cookies. 3. Exit completely from your web browser and try logging in again. Internet Explorer 10 notes 1. In core administrative applications under certain conditions, the activity “spinner” may continue to spin and otherwise do nothing. Turning on IE compatibility mode will fix this. You can tell if it’s on if the “torn page” icon (visible at the top right of the browser window) is blue. Turn it on (or off) by clicking the torn page. Continue reading »

Last modified on May 26, 2024

Financials System The Financials system provides these services and information: Budgeting Financial Reports Journal Entries Payment Requests Purchasing Cards  … Continue reading »

Student Records System The Student Records system provides these services and information: For Students Course Registration Grades & Transcripts Course & Exam Schedules Personal Information Advisors, Holds & To-Do’s Tutoring Account Information Financial Aid Information Williams Transport For Faculty Advisee Information Enrollment Information Grant… Continue reading »

Last modified on May 26, 2024
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