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Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is available to all current Williams faculty and staff employees directly from Adobe. Employees are able to sign in and download Adobe CC apps on both personal and OIT issued computers. Each user is entitled to two activations per account. Software can be installed on… Continue reading »

Using Webex – audio/video online conferencing

OIT hosts the online conferencing software Cisco Webex.  Webex is very similar to Skype but since it is hosted here, it tends to be more reliable and has more functionality than Skype.  Webex has both video and audio capabilities but you do not need to use the video function.  You… Continue reading »

Microsoft Office 365 – Office 2019 Suite

Microsoft Office 365 for all Student, Faculty and Staff’s “personal” computers: Williams College provides Microsoft Office 365  for use to all enrolled students and employees at Williams. Besides online versions of the Microsoft office suite, Office 365 currently allows for downloads of the latest Office suite… Continue reading »

Using MailChimp at Williams

Several departments at Williams College use the service MailChimp to send newsletters and announcements out to both on-campus and off-campus subscribers. MailChimp is not a mailing list, it’s an e-mail marketing tool best used for ‘one to many’ formal announcements and newsletters. It’s advantage over a Google e-mail… Continue reading »

Log into Student Records System from outside of the US

If you are having difficulty trying to log into your Student Records System account outside of the United States Example: If the “Login” button is written in a language other than English and you cannot log in. The error message says that the language you selected is not provided,… Continue reading »

Last modified on January 17, 2020

Student and HR System Passwords

The PeopleSoft Student and HR Systems have specific password requirements. Password Format: Minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters, one or more of which must be a digit. The password is case-sensitive. Login Attempts: After 10 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts your account will be locked out, at which point you must contact… Continue reading »

Student Records System Help Links

Password Help – Help with changing Student Records System passwords and forgotten passwords Browser Information – Information about supported web browsers and versions Help for Students and Alumni (Note: Alumni of the Class of ’05 and later can log in to the Student Records System) Help with… Continue reading »

Last modified on January 17, 2020

Administrative System Project Definition Form

OIT AIS Project Definition Form Use this form to describe your project. This will help the OIT Administrative Information Systems group evaluate it properly and determine what resources will be required to make it a success. If you are unclear about how to fill in this form, contact your… Continue reading »

EMS Room Scheduler EMS Room Scheduler is used campus-wide for managing use of classrooms, labs and many meeting rooms. Important Notes Requests for usage of classroom spaces during academic-year hours cannot be considered until after class schedules are loaded into the system. This typically happens within the first… Continue reading »

Last modified on January 17, 2020

Human Resources System The Human Resources System provides access to the following: For Students View Paycheck, W-2 Payroll Forms Time Reporting For Faculty View Paycheck, W-2 Payroll Forms Time Reporting & Approval Address & Phone Updates Emergency Contact Updates Benefits Information Student Employment Hiring Information Employment Opportunities Note: As… Continue reading »

Last modified on January 17, 2020

Web Browser Information for HR and Student Systems

NOTE: Versions higher than the certified version are likely to work as well Supported Web Browsers for Student Records & HR Apple Safari releases (8, 7, 6) Google Chrome release (35) Microsoft Internet Explorer releases (11, 10, 9) Firefox 2 release (30, 24) The core administrative systems are optimized for desktop use but the following mobile browsers are supported Apple iOS 9-5 Safari Mobile What if my browser is supported but isn’t working? Try these steps 1. Clear any cookies. (Directions) 2. Make sure you are accepting cookies. 3. Exit completely from your web browser and try logging in again. Internet Explorer 10 notes 1. In core administrative applications under certain conditions, the activity “spinner” may continue to spin and otherwise do nothing. Turning on IE compatibility mode will fix this. You can tell if it’s on if the “torn page” icon (visible at the top right of the browser window) is blue. Turn it on (or off) by clicking the torn page. Continue reading »

Last modified on January 17, 2020

Financials System The Financials system provides these services and information: Budgeting Financial Reports Journal Entries Payment Requests Purchasing Cards  … Continue reading »

Student Records System The Student Records system provides these services and information: For Students Course Registration Grades & Transcripts Course & Exam Schedules Personal Information Advisors, Holds & To-Do’s Tutoring Account Information Financial Aid Information Williams Transport For Faculty Advisee Information Enrollment Information Grant… Continue reading »

Last modified on January 17, 2020

Google Tips-N-Tricks

Google Apps Learning Center Learn by Product Google's Tips Library Use at Work Check to see if a website is listed as unsafe Google offers a tool that allows people to check to see if a particular website/domain… Continue reading »

Google Apps for Education (GAE)

Google Apps for Education is a collaboration suite that provides an integrated messaging platform that includes email, calendar, chat, documents, and more! With Google Apps, we have the benefits of 100% web-based messaging and collaboration tools, as well as lower infrastructure and support costs. These apps are covered by the contract… Continue reading »

Williams Google Guides

General Gmail Information New Email Account: Online Gmail Setup Accessing Multiple Google Accounts Configuring Mail Clients for Williams Gmail Email Setup for Mac iOS Email Setup for Androids Email Setup on Outlook Special considerations when using POP (not recommended) Williams Gmail Full Guide [PDF]… Continue reading »

Google Drive

Google's Online Documentation Meet Drive Using Drive For Work Help Center View your Storage Usage What is Williams College Google Drive? Williams College Google Apps are a set of services provided by the Office for Information Technology that give… Continue reading »

Accessing Multiple Google Accounts

If you go to or you may find that you are already logged in to a personal gmail account. You can either log out of the personal account and then into the Williams account, or you can simply log in to the Williams account and have both accounts… Continue reading »

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