Saving/Migrating Email and Docs when leaving Williams

What happens to my Email and Documents?:

  • Accounts are disabled three months after leaving the college.  Forwarding and auto-reply also end at that time. See  our guide for instructions on how to set up auto-reply or forward for those three months.

  • Accounts are disabled on the separation date.  Forwarding to a personal account is not allowed. If an auto-reply message is needed please have the supervisor contact OIT at [email protected] to request one.

  • After graduation, students will no longer receive new email in their Williams (gmail) account.  Your Williams account including Email, G Suite files (Google Drive), and other Williams associated services (Adobe, Glow, etc) will be deleted on July 1.

    See Alumni Email Forwarding  for instructions on how to set up email forwarding which allows you to keep your short email address (e.g. [email protected]) and have it forwarded to a personal account.

What to do before my Email and Docs get turned off?:

  • Anyone leaving the college should also set up an auto-reply message to let people know that your Williams email account will be ending and what new email address they should use to contact you in the future.


  • Google Photos are a little different and there are several methods you can use to transfer them to a personal account:  Google Photo resources

    Or use Google Takeout

  • As soon-to-be-graduates, you can migrate your Creative Cloud assets from school-assigned accounts to new Creative Cloud free membership accounts. Take the steps outlined here so you can take your assets with you,

    Your new personal account is a Creative Cloud Free membership, which includes 2GB of storage. If your school account has more than 2GB of content, don't worry, all of your content will be migrated. However, you cannot add more content to the new personal account until storage space is freed up.

    Keep in mind the assets will be transferred to a NEW Adobe ID , not an existing personal Adobe ID.