Microsoft Office 365 - Office 2019 Suite

Microsoft Office 365 for all Student, Faculty and Staff “personal” computers:

Williams College provides Microsoft Office 365  for use to all enrolled students and employees at Williams. Besides online versions of the Microsoft office suite, Office 365 currently allows for downloads of the latest Office programs like Word and Excel on computers (MacOS and Windows) and apps on the mobile devices (iOS, Android, & Windows)

  • To install the Office suite you will first create a Microsoft account using your Williams college email.   The setup requires quite a few steps, so keep this documentation open as you go through the process.

    In a new tab or window go to

    • Enter your Williams email address (short version e.g. [email protected])
    • Choose I'm a Student (Even if you are Faculty or Staff please choose Student!)
    • Create your account by entering your name, choosing a password and entering the verification code which is sent to your email
    • The password should be different from your Williams password and make a note of it (write it down or add it to a password manager like LastPass).



    • You will then be asked to create recovery options in case you forget your password.  Click Next.



    • If you get an error warning saying "There was a problem processing your request!"  or you are shown a site that says you don't have permission to veiw the page don't panic!  Refresh (reload) your web page  or hit the back button.
    • After refreshing you should get the account recovery options below.
    • Click on Set it up now next to Authentication Email or Authentication Phone depending on which you prefer and click finish




    • If you choose Authentication email enter a personal email address (not your Williams email) and click Email Me.



    • Check your personal email account for another confirmation code.
    • Enter this code at the next screen.


    • Your login profile will be visible in the upper right corner indicated by your initials, choose My Account to get to the Office download function.



    • On PC or Mac run the installer from your Downloads folder.

    Office will remain activated for as long as you are a student or employed at Williams.

Office for Windows applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Access

Office for Mac applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote

and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.


Training (

Are you looking for a little more assistance with Microsoft Office ? Check out Linkedin available free.  Linkedin offers tons of online tutorials on a wide array of software and other subjects.

Go to: for more information and login details.