Accounts & Passwords

LastPass password manager

WHAT’S THE PROBLEM WITH MY CURRENT PASSWORD SYSTEM (OR LACK OF ONE)? Passwords are the most ubiquitous form of authentication on the internet today.  You probably know that you should have a strong, unique password for every online account you have. The problem How do you come up with a… Continue reading »

Microsoft Office 365 – Office 2019 Suite

Microsoft Office 365 for all Student, Faculty and Staff “personal” computers: Williams College provides Microsoft Office 365  for use to all enrolled students and employees at Williams. Besides online versions of the Microsoft office suite, Office 365 currently allows for downloads of the latest Office programs… Continue reading »

Creating a Strong and Unique Password

Have you found it hard to create a good, strong password that you can remember? Creating a complex and easily remembered password can be a challenge, but these tips can help you. Check out the dos and don’ts below. Dos Use at least 12 characters with… Continue reading »

Guest Accounts

Wireless Access Wireless access for guests is available to all, see our Guest Wireless network access page for instructions. Short Term Guest Accounts Temporary guest accounts are available for request by Williams faculty and staff. These accounts can be assigned to campus visitors, guest lecturers, contractors or… Continue reading »

Student and HR System Passwords

The PeopleSoft Student and HR Systems have specific password requirements. Password Format: Minimum of 8 alphanumeric characters, one or more of which must be a digit. The password is case-sensitive. Login Attempts: After 10 consecutive unsuccessful login attempts your account will be locked out, at which point you must contact… Continue reading »

Guest Wireless Access

Williams College provides free guest wifi access. This network access is provided for the express purpose of facilitating simple Internet web communication. Use implies agreement with all terms and conditions of appropriate behavior of our Acceptable Use Policy. In order to connect to this network… Continue reading »

Saving/Migrating Email and Docs when leaving Williams

What happens to my Email and Documents?: Faculty Accounts are disabled three months after leaving the college.  Forwarding and auto-reply are disabled one year after leaving. See  Automatically forward emails to another account for instructions on how to forward Williams email. Staff Accounts… Continue reading »

Accessing Multiple Google Accounts

If you go to or you may find that you are already logged in to a personal gmail account. You can either log out of the personal account and then into the Williams account, or you can simply log in to the Williams account and have both accounts… Continue reading »

Initial Account Setup Directions

If you have already been contacted by Williams College Client Services with a temporary password please follow the directions below. If  you just have been notified that your account has been created but not contacted please fill out this form to let us know how to get in touch you:… Continue reading »

Student Guide to Technology at Williams

Recommended Brands for student computers OIT recommends Apple and Dell computers for their reliability and configurations.  Dell has service technicians in the area who make service calls to the college for computers requiring warranty repair. Williams College is committed to supporting both PCs and Macs. Academic departments and our… Continue reading »