Enabling Live Transcription Closed Captioning in Zoom

All Zoom meeting hosts have the option to enable Live Transcription closed captioning in Zoom meetings and are encouraged to do so.

To make live transcription available to meeting participants, hosts can select the ‘Live Transcription’ button in Zoom and then select ‘Enable Auto-Transcription’. Not seeing the Live Transcripts button? Check your Closed Captioning Zoom settings to be sure that the “Enable live transcription service to show transcript on the side panel in-meeting” box is checked!

Once enabled, participants will see the ‘CC Live Transcription’ button available in the Zoom meeting. Participants can be assigned to type captions which will augment auto-captioning when both are enabled.

All participants will have the option to enable subtitles and see the full live transcription of the meeting in the sidebar.

By default, all participants will be able to download the live transcript. This can be limited to the host only in the Zoom settings. If downloads are available to all participants, then all participants should be notified as you would with a recording. Once the meeting has ended, the transcript is not available if it has not been saved locally.

This short video will walk you through how to enable live transcription closed captioning in your Zoom meetings.

Automated captioning can work well for general dialogue but the accuracy for specialized subjects is diminished. If a course or event will need specialized captioning, please contact Accessible Education for guidance.