Enabling Live Transcription Closed Captioning in Zoom

All Zoom meeting hosts have the option to enable Live Transcription closed captioning in Zoom meetings and are encouraged to do so. To make live transcription available to meeting participants, hosts can select the ‘Live Transcription’ button in Zoom and then select ‘Enable Auto-Transcription’. Not seeing the Live Transcripts button?… Continue reading »

VPN Installation on Personal or Home Computers

Williams VPN Running the VPN client allows you to establish a secure connection to the college network.  Your computer acts as though it were here on campus.  Among other things this allows a keyserver connection to run Williams licensed software from off-campus. The VPN connection is limited to Faculty, Staff… Continue reading »

Creating Accessible PDFs

You can use Adobe Acrobat DC to create fully accessible PDFs.  The application offers the Make Accessible Action Wizard that walks you through the steps required to make a PDF accessible, and ensures accessibility by running the Accessibility Checker tool in the end. Scanned files are not accessible until you… Continue reading »