Creating Accessible Digital Materials (faculty)

For faculty aiming to create an inclusive learning community, accessibility is an important element of course (and content) design. Unlike in the past, most mainstream applications today (like Google Workspace) make it incredibly easy to create digital materials which are accessible from the start – avoiding the stress of… Continue reading »

Automated Captions for Slides

Faculty can easily make their in-class slide presentations more accessible to all students, by activating the standard “live caption” feature in either Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. This feature automatically produces on-screen text captions from the audio captured via system microphone. Whether a student is Deaf, hard of hearing,… Continue reading »

GLOW Immersive Reader

Introduction The Immersive Reader feature provides every GLOW user a set of customizable tools to enhance their academic access. Immersive Reader supports fluency for multilingual students with translation tools; offers text decoding features for students with dyslexia; provides text-to-speech audio; and includes visual scaffolding options to improve reading comprehension and… Continue reading »

GLOW Accessibility

Williams strives to be a place “where concern for the needs and ideas of other people is not only an educational, but an ethical, imperative” (Williams College Mission). Accessibility is an effort to ensure that all students, regardless of disability, face as few unnecessary barriers as possible to their… Continue reading »

Enabling Live Transcription Closed Captioning in Zoom

All Zoom meeting hosts have the option to enable Live Transcription closed captioning in Zoom meetings and are encouraged to do so. To make live transcription available to meeting participants, hosts can select the ‘Live Transcription’ button in Zoom and then select ‘Enable Auto-Transcription’. Not seeing the Live Transcripts button?… Continue reading »

VPN Installation on Personal or Home Computers

Williams VPN Running the VPN client allows you to establish a secure connection to the college network.  Your computer acts as though it were here on campus.  Among other things this allows a keyserver connection to run Williams licensed software from off-campus. The VPN connection is limited to Faculty, Staff… Continue reading »

Creating Accessible PDFs

You can use Adobe Acrobat Pro (available to all Williams staff) to create fully accessible PDFs.  This app includes the Make Accessible Action Wizard that walks you through the steps required to make a PDF accessible, and ensures accessibility by running the Accessibility Checker tool. Scanned files are not accessible… Continue reading »