Listserv & Google Groups Requests

The Williams College LISTSERV is for Faculty & Staff use. Student groups please use the WSO LISTSERV.
Google Groups are being used instead of a LISTSERV if all the subscribers have a email account.

Instructions for filling out this form

LISTSERV/Google Group Request

  • Who should we contact if there are questions on setting up this LISTSERV/GoogleGroup (ideally the person filling out this form)?
  • Google Group (only Williams email addresses will be used) LISTSERV (some subscribers will have non-Williams email)
  • The name you enter below will be the list's email address. It must contain 3-16 characters and contain only letters, numbers, and '-' or '_'.
  • Only 1 owner is required: You must enter your exact Internet e-mail address as seen in the "From" field of mail sent by you or Listserv/Google Group will not recognize you as an owner. If you are at all unclear about the address to use, send a blank e-mail to yourself or see Help with list owners. Remember that owners are not automatically subscribed to the list and must subscribe in order to receive postings.
  • Is the existence of this list confidential? Public? Limited to Williams? If Public, its existence will be shared with Internet users via Listserv & web search engines? Service - List is advertised only on the local Listserver/Google Group. Yes - List is NOT disclosed electronically to public. No - List IS advertised electronically to the Internet through Lsoft Catalist
  • Public - Anyone can send mail to list. Service - Anyone with a Williams email address can send mail to list. Private - Only members can send mail to list. Recommended if confidential (above) is NO. Editor - Only Editor (moderator) can send mail to list.
  • Open - Anyone can subscribe to the list, owners will be notified. By Owner- Subscription requests are forwarded to owners. An owner must add members. Closed - Subscription requests are denied. Owner must add all members.
  • ACK - Brief acknowledgement message is sent to sender. NOACK - No acknowledgement is sent to sender.
  • REPRO - Sender receives a copy of message as sent to list. NOREPRO - Sender does NOT receive a copy of message as sent to list.
  • List - Reply-To is set to the list address, therefore all members of the list will receive the reply. Best for discussion lists. Sender - Reply-To defaults to the sender's address, but any Reply-To address set by the sender's mail client will be respected. Best for announcement type of lists.
  • Who may obtain the members' names and e-mail addresses? Public - Anyone can review. Private - Only members can review. Owners - Only owners can review.
  • If list archiving is turned on, archives of all messages sent through the list are available either on the archive web pages or via e-mail commands (see the documentation). By default, archives are grouped by month; contact [email protected] if you require weekly or daily grouping. - No, Do NOT archive messages. - Yes, Do archive messages.
  • Any comments or questions about your list setup.