Google Groups Requests

Google Groups are for Faculty & Staff use along with student groups that are recognized by the college.

Google Group Request

  • Who should we contact if there are questions on setting up this Google Group (ideally the person filling out this form)?
  • The name you enter below will be the list's email address. It must contain 3-16 characters and contain only letters, numbers, and '-' or '_'.
  • Only 1 owner is required: You must enter your exact Internet e-mail address as seen in the "From" field of mail sent by you or Google Group will not recognize you as an owner. If you are at all unclear about the address to use, send a blank e-mail to yourself or see Help with list owners. Remember that owners are not automatically subscribed to the list and must subscribe in order to receive postings.
  • Is the existence of this list confidential? Public? Limited to Williams? If Public, its existence will be shared with Internet users & web search engines? Service - List is advertised only on the local Google Group. Yes - List is NOT disclosed electronically to public. No - List IS advertised electronically to the Internet
  • Public - Anyone can send mail to list. Service - Anyone with a Williams email address can send mail to list. Private - Only members can send mail to list. Recommended if confidential (above) is NO. Editor - Only Editor (moderator) can send mail to list.
  • Open - Anyone can subscribe to the list, owners will be notified. By Owner- Subscription requests are forwarded to owners. An owner must add members. Closed - Subscription requests are denied. Owner must add all members.
  • ACK - Brief acknowledgement message is sent to sender. NOACK - No acknowledgement is sent to sender.
  • REPRO - Sender receives a copy of message as sent to list. NOREPRO - Sender does NOT receive a copy of message as sent to list.
  • List - Reply-To is set to the list address, therefore all members of the list will receive the reply. Best for discussion lists. Sender - Reply-To defaults to the sender's address, but any Reply-To address set by the sender's mail client will be respected. Best for announcement type of lists.
  • Who may obtain the members' names and e-mail addresses? Public - Anyone can review. Private - Only members can review. Owners - Only owners can review.
  • If list archiving is turned on, archives of all messages sent through the list are available either on the archive web pages or via e-mail commands (see the documentation). By default, archives are grouped by month; contact [email protected] if you require weekly or daily grouping. - No, Do NOT archive messages. - Yes, Do archive messages.
  • Any comments or questions about your list setup.