Computer Labs

Lab Information

Williams has computer labs in several buildings on campus. During the term, these are typically available whenever the building is open.  Most computers require a Williams College username and password to use.  Certain specialty labs are limited to students enrolled in particular courses.

— COVID Precautions —

You should limit your use of shared-use lab computers to only those applications you can’t run on your own computer. Almost all academically needed software can be installed and run on your own computer. See: Software available in Labs

If you need to use a shared-use lab computer wear a mask, don’t touch your face and wash your hand throughly immediately after use. Shared-use computers can’t be effectively disinfected.

To meet social distancing guidelines the computer labs listed below may have fewer available computers than listed here. Also, depending on changing situations, labs may be further restricted.


— — — 

Computer Labs

(During the term, labs in Jesup can be accessed 24/7 using the ID card reader on the front door of Jesup.)

Jesup Hall – Room 201 – 3 Mac and 1 Windows

Jesup Hall – Room 204 – 4 Windows

Clark Hall – Room 201 – 9 Mac and 2 Windows

Sawyer CET – Several Spaces – 20+ Mac, 2 Windows

Sawyer Research Commons – 18 Mac, 18 Windows, 7 Public Kiosks

Schow Science Library – Atrium – 9 Mac, 8 Windows, 5 Public Kiosks

Specialty Labs

Specialty labs have additional software & hardware to support specific academic topics.

Bernhard Music Center – Room 044* – 8 Mac – Music Students Only

Hollander Hall – Room 147 – 16 Mac –  Language Students Priority

Spencer Art Studio – Room 116* – 5 Mac – Photography Students Only

*: access restricted to specific users.

Computer Classrooms

These classrooms are often scheduled for classes or other course-related events.  When there isn’t a scheduled class session, they are available for general use. In addition to the computers listed, they also have a lectern computer system and a full set of classroom presentation equipment.

Jesup Hall – Room 203 – 24 “Dual-boot” Mac or Windows (Windows Default)

Jesup Hall – Room 205 – 24 Windows

Jesup Hall – Room 207 – 12 Mac

’62 Center for Theater and Dance – Room 181 – 6 Mac

Thompson Physics – Room 207 – 15 Mac

Sawyer CET Instruction – Room 269 – 20 Mac – (contact [email protected] to reserve)

Spencer Art Studio – Room 216 – 16 Mac

Collaboration Stations

Collaboration Stations are available for use. These spaces provide a large screen with multiple video inputs.

Sawyer Library – CET Project Rooms

South Science Building – All floors

Thompson Chemistry – 2nd Floor – Bridge to Morley

Thompson Biology – 3rd Floor