Computer Labs

Lab Information

Williams has computer labs in several buildings on campus. During the term, these are typically available whenever the building is open.  Most computers require a Williams College username and password to use.  Certain specialty labs are limited to students enrolled in particular courses.

Computer Labs

(During the term, labs in Jesup can be accessed 24/7 using the ID card reader on the front door of Jesup.)

Sawyer CET – Several Spaces – 20+ Mac, 2 Windows

Sawyer Research Commons – 18 Mac, 18 Windows, 7 Public Kiosks

Schow Science Library – Atrium – 9 Mac, 8 Windows, 5 Public Kiosks

Specialty Labs

Specialty labs have additional software & hardware to support specific academic topics.

Bernhard Music Center – Room 044* – 8 Mac – Music Students Only

Hollander Hall – Room 147 – 16 Mac –  Language Students Priority

Spencer Art Studio – Room 116* – 5 Mac – Photography Students Only

*: access restricted to specific users.

Computer Classrooms

These classrooms are often scheduled for classes or other course-related events.  When there isn’t a scheduled class session, they are available for general use. In addition to the computers listed, they also have a lectern computer system and a full set of classroom presentation equipment.

Jesup Hall – Room 205 – 24 Windows (GIS Lab)

Jesup Hall – Room 207 – 12 Windows (GIS Lab)

’62 Center for Theater and Dance – Room 181 – 6 Macs

Sawyer CET Instruction – Room 269 – 20 Macs – (contact Academic Technology to reserve)

Spencer Art Studio – Room 216 – 16 Macs

Wachenheim Science Center – Room B14 –  18 Windows

Wachenheim Science Center – Room B16 – 30 Macs

Collaboration Stations

Collaboration Stations are available for use. These spaces provide a large screen with multiple video inputs.

Sawyer Library – CET Project Rooms

South Science Building – All floors

Thompson Chemistry – 2nd Floor – Bridge to Morley

Thompson Biology – 3rd Floor