Classroom Computers

Lectern Laptop Project

To increase the reliability and flexibility, Williams classrooms will be transitioning to laptop connections from the summers of 2024 through 2026.  The overwhelming majority of faculty already use their laptop for teaching, as it reduces the unnecessarily stressful situation of too little time between classes.  It also allows faculty to have all of their teaching materials with them – even the ones they didn’t anticipate needing.  The connections for laptops in Williams classrooms have already been simplified and standardized.   

This change has many benefits.  The largest is that the simplified system will be much more reliable – just plug in one cable and teach from your laptop which has all of your information and is configured just the way you like it.  The environmental benefits are also important, by removing the lesser used installed computers we are reducing energy use and lowering hazardous waste.  There are also cost reductions, which we are using to preserve funding for all the other software and systems you need to do your work.  

All classrooms that are changing will be labeled by the summer of 2023 and OIT will be working to ensure that every faculty member has a laptop and is comfortable using that laptop for teaching in our optimized laptop-only classrooms.


The following rooms will retain an installed Mac and PC computer in the lectern:

  • Bernhard – Brooks Rogers
  • Griffin – 003
  • Lawrence – 231
  • Paresky – Auditorium
  • Schapiro – 129
  • Biology – 112
  • Chemistry – 123 (“Wege Auditorium”)
  • Physics – 203
  • Wachenheim – B11 (“Bronfman Auditorium”)
  • And these Computer Classrooms (where computers are installed for student use)
    • Hollander 141 (Language Lab)
    • Jesup 205 and 207
    • Sawyer – 269
    • Spencer – 116 and 216
    • Wachenheim B14 and B16

 All other classrooms not on the above list will be converted to laptop classrooms over the next several years based on both usage and age of the installed computers.  The removal of some computers in less-used classrooms will begin during the summer of 2024 and will continue for several years.  A detailed plan for when each room will have this work done is available.

Your cooperation and patience as we work through this long-term project will be greatly appreciated and we will support you throughout.

If you have questions about this project, please contact faculty support.