Music Composition

music composition roomThe Music Composition room is Sawyer 274.

What is it?
The room is equipped with a computer workstation with hardware and software for audio manipulation, synthesis, and sequencing. The software includes Studio One, ProTools, Komplete, Max, Ableton Live, and WaveLab Elements.

Who can use it?
Faculty, staff, and students can use the room during Sawyer Library hours.

There is a piano in there, can I just play piano?
No, the piano is a midi device without speakers. It sends data to the computer. With some training, you can learn to route the signals from the piano keyboard to software where sounds can be assigned to the notes and that output can be routed to the speakers or headphones. It is not as simple as turning it on and playing.

Please do not unplug cables if the station is not working. Send an email to Trevor Murphy at the address below and he will set up the station to work properly. Get training to learn how the station works.

How do I access it?
Ask for the key for 274 from the Library Circulation Desk.

How do I get help?
Request help from Trevor Murphy. Several student workers who are trained as Student Technology Consultants will also be able to support the space.