AV Edit Rooms

The AV Edit Rooms in the CET each provide a high end audio/video editing suite in a semi-sound proofed environment.

A/V Edit Room

Who can use them?
The AV Edit Rooms are available to faculty, staff, and students.

How do I access them?
The keys are available first come/first served at the Sawyer Library Circulation desk.

Where are they located?
In the CET, Rooms 272 & 273

How do I get help?
Ask for a Student Media Consultant at the CET Main Desk.

General Information about video editing on campus:
Adobe’s Premier Pro, Creative Cloud version, is our go to app for all video editing projects, small to large. Our Adobe licenses agreement allows us to install Premiere on any college owned workstation or laptop, and thus, we have put it on most public computers that OIT installs and manages.