Faculty Open Sessions: Hands-On Generative AI

Join CET for first-hand opportunities to use multiple, multi-modal generative AI tools: text, voice, image, and code, with Academic Technology Consultants on hand to discuss implications and strategies. The Center for Educational Technology (CET) brings you the chance to test multiple current generative AI tools for text, audio, images, and… Continue reading »

Williams Makerspace is Hiring Two First-Year Students

The Williams Makerspace is hiring two first-year students for the 2023 fall semester. You will be responsible for working on academic projects for faculty and staff. Seeking students who are self-directed, fast-learners, work efficiently, and with great focus. You will learn on-the-job as you work on projects. No prior experience required. This… Continue reading »

Williams Makerspace is Hiring Two First-Year Students

Makerspace @ Williams College

The Williams Makerspace is hiring two first-year students for the 2022-23 academic year to work on faculty and staff academic projects. No prior experience required. Seeking students who are self-directed and passionate about working efficiently, learning quickly, and sharing skills. This is the best job on campus for the… Continue reading »

Project Rooms

The Project Rooms in the CET provide an array of technology enhanced environments to suit faculty & student needs for small group collaboration and scholarship. Details below on the individual room configurations including rooms set up for gaming, media viewing, collaboration and brainstorming. 220 221 246 264 266 271 Who… Continue reading »

Open Work Spaces

The Central U The Media Corridor         There are two “open” areas of the CET, each space offering 12 dual boot MAC/PC media production workstations, scanners and video capture equipment. The Central “U” (CET 241) is located to your right as you come off the stairway down… Continue reading »

Music Composition

The Music Composition room is Sawyer 274. What is it? The room is equipped with a computer workstation with hardware and software for audio manipulation, synthesis, and sequencing. The software includes Studio One, ProTools, Komplete, Max, Ableton Live, and WaveLab Elements. Who can use it? Faculty, staff, and students can… Continue reading »


STUDIO 275 is a high-end audio and video recording facility. Due to its advanced equipment and technical flexibility a trained technician is required to use the space. See booking options below. In addition to the control room we have a large main studio and small booth for isolating… Continue reading »


The Makerspace (Sawyer 248) Please see the new Makerspace website at: https://sites.williams.edu/makerspace   For information about the FabriCation Lab, please see the new FabriCation Lab website at: FabriCationLab… Continue reading »

Faculty Collaboration Center

The FCC is a 24-seat facility where faculty, staff, and students can meet for discussions, lectures, collaboration and hands-on development using emerging and academic technologies. Equipped with central projection and connected break-out stations, and located between the media studio and the CET classroom, it’s an ideal space for groups to… Continue reading »

CET Service Desk

Faculty, Staff and Students can drop by for support with basic desktop software, accounts, wireless, email or hardware questions. Desktop Systems staff will use the CET as a support base for office visits and faculty/staff drop-ins on the north side of campus. Student Technology Consultants (STCs)… Continue reading »

CET Instruction Room

The CET Instruction Room is a 20-seat classroom equipped with iMacs. It provides a space to work with larger groups for training and instruction. When not being used for instruction, the room is available as an open lab/workspace on a first come/first served basis. Who can use it?… Continue reading »

AV Edit Rooms

The AV Edit Rooms in the CET each provide a high end audio/video editing suite in a semi-sound proofed environment. Who can use them? The AV Edit Rooms are available to faculty, staff, and students. How do I access them? The keys are available first come/first… Continue reading »