Articles by Jonathan Morgan-Leamon

Glow accounts for non-Williams users

Glow can be used to organize information, communicate with participants, conduct surveys, administer quizzes , manage projects, etc. There are circumstances where course instructors and Williams organization leaders may want to share this functionality with participants from both the Williams community and the wider community. Here are typical examples and suggested approaches: If only a

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Guiding principles on the role of future technologies on pedagogical developments

Appendix 2 of the 2013-14 Annual Report of the Committee on Educational Policy The  CEP  is  wholly  in  favor  of  supporting  faculty  as  they  explore  current  and  future technologies  in  the  development  of  new  pedagogical  models.    We  recognize  that there  are  many  exciting  benefits  that  may  arise  out  of  such  experiments,  and encourage  individual  faculty 

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