Zoom: FAQs for Instructors

Zoom is a video conferencing system that offers breakout rooms and whiteboard tools.

Getting Started

Q: How do I get access to Zoom?
Q: How do I compare Google Meet and Zoom?
Q: How do I join a meeting?

Best Practices

Q: What are the best practices for running a video meeting?
Q: How do I secure my Zoom sessions (a.k.a. avoid Zoombombing)?


Q: How do I schedule Zoom meetings?
Q: How do I use the Google Calendar add-on for Zoom?
Q: How do I schedule recurring meetings?
Q: How do I enable Zoom and schedule meetings within Glow?


Q: How do I manage a Zoom classroom?
Q: What are the Meeting Controls?
Q: How do I enable and add a co-host?
Q: What is the difference between an alternative host and a co-host?
Q: Can a Zoom licensed user start a meeting, then transfer a Host to a basic user?
Q: How does GLOW and Zoom integration work?
Q: Will my Zoom meeting time out during my office hours?
Q: How do I enable closed captioning?

Breakout Rooms

Q: What are Breakout Rooms and how do I manage them?
Q: How do I pre-assign my students to Breakout Rooms?

Panopto and Zoom Integration

Q: How does Zoom Cloud Recording & Panopto integration work?

Known Issues

Q: I get a black screen during screen sharing. How can I resolve it?
A:  Windows users, go to this page to find the solution.  Mac users, turn off the “Automatic graphics switching” or use “Use TCP connection for screen sharing.”

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