How does Zoom Cloud Recording & Panopto integration work?

Zoom Cloud Recording

Zoom offers two recording options: local recording and cloud recording.

Zoom Local Recording 
For users with good internet speed, OIT recommends choosing local recording and then uploading recordings directly to Panopto (a.k.a. the Course Media Gallery on GLOW).

Zoom Cloud Recording 
For users with poor internet speed, OIT recommends using Zoom cloud recording.

When you choose “Record to the Cloud,” the video (mp4), audio (mp3), and chat text are saved in the Zoom Cloud. However, storage space in Zoom Cloud is limited – 0.5 GB storage limit per user and a 100GB cap on all recordings. For this reason Williams has set up the following:

  • Zoom Cloud recordings are automatically uploaded and stored on Panopto (a.k.a. the Course Media Gallery on GLOW). This is better for storage and for viewing in Glow. Your recordings in Panopto will not be deleted unless you manually do so.
  • Recordings in Zoom Cloud will be automatically deleted within 21 days, or sooner if space limits are exceeded. You will get a warning notice 7 days prior to deletions. Up to 7 days after deletion recordings can be retrieved by a Zoom admin upon request.
  • Persistent links to recordings should be shared from Panopto. If you are sharing a recording with others, please be sure to provide a link to the Panopto version of the recording.

Where can I find my Zoom recordings on Panopto?

Log into GLOW and go to your Course Media Gallery (of any of your courses,) then navigate to the “My Folder” page as shown below. Your Zoom recordings will be in the subfolder called, Meeting Recordings, inside “My Folder”.

how to access my folder on panoptowhere zoom recording are stored on panopto

How can I share my Zoom recordings stored on Panopto with my students?

“My Folder” and subfolders inside it are private. Only you have access to them, so in order for your students to view your Zoom recordings, you have to move or copy them to the “Course Media Gallery” of  your course. Here is how:

1. The first time you move videos to a new course, go to the course and select the course media gallery. This will create a new folder with proper permissions for your recording. This needs to be done just once per course.

2. Go to the “Meeting Recordings” folder in “My Folder” as described above and click the box with the arrow to open your “Meeting Recordings” in a new window with full controls outside of GLOW.

how to open a new Panopto window

3. Click the checkbox next to a chosen video, which appears when you move your mouse over it, then click the Copy button at the top to copy it to your Course Media Gallery or click Move to remove it from the current folder and add it to the Course Media Gallery.

Panopto video how to move or copy

4. Choose the course you want it copied to. If it is not listed, use Search to find your course where the recording is to be copied to.

Select your course from the menu

5. Click the Copy button to finish the process.

Showing the copy button to finalize the process.