Working through disruption

Advice to keep your department functioning during a disruption

  • Start planning now – regardless of how the current situation unfolds, this is important work, plan now and you will be better prepared for any emergency.
  • Identify your department’s most critical functions, focus on them first.  What absolutely must get done for the college to function and what is lower priority?  
  • Be realistic about what can (and must) be done in extenuating circumstances.  What can your department do if a significant number of people are unable to work?  
  • Evaluate what services/resources will need to be expanded during disruption periods and support these expansions by evaluating what other services/resources may be temporarily curtailed.
  • Pick methods and tools to do your work that are familiar to your department and are already part of your workflows.  Only add new tools as absolutely necessary, normal business will be strained in an emergency and unfamiliar tools may add to confusion.
  • Reach out to your collaborators and clients – what do they most need from you and how can you provide that?  What do you need from them most and how will you function if that is impacted?
  • Create a departmental communication plan – how will you share information if you are not all in the same area?
  • Get everyone in sync and involved in this planning.  Start cross-training now.  
  • Encourage your colleagues to stay home when sick.  Consult the staff handbook and contact HR for questions on the College sick leave policy.


Strategies and Tools