How do I prepare iPad/iPhone videos for Panopto?

Using an iPad is great for screen recording due to the touchscreen capabilities and easy to use Quicktime recording features. The recordings can then be published to Panopto for use in Glow, however there is one thing you may need to do before publishing to Panopto is possible.

Problem: By default, newer iOS record videos using High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC a.k.a H.265 and MPEG-H Part 2), but Panopto cannot currently work with this compression method and the result is audio that does not play back correctly. 

Solution: To ensure that your videos will playback correctly through Panopto in Glow, you will need to Turn Off High Efficiency Mode for Recording in iOS prior to recording. This means your recordings will be encoded for H.264, which will also generally perform better for users with limited internet bandwidth. 


NOTE: If you have already created videos using HEVC, then you can convert those files using Handbrake or VLC. 



    • Download and install VLC.