How do I insert audio/video in my PowerPoint slides?

Sometimes a presentation slide isn’t enough to get an idea across, or the subject of a slide itself is an audio/video topic. In these situations you can insert audio/video sources directly into a slide so that it will play within that slide during a presentation. This option may be helpful to the continuity or smoothness of your presentation, where you might otherwise need to break out of a presentation to play recorded material using a separate media player. 

NOTE: If you insert a local audio/video file, then this will increase the size of your PowerPoint file (.pptx). If you insert an online source (i.e. streaming), then you need to make sure that the online source is properly shared.

Insert/Embed Media

Share your presentation

If your recording is part of a course requirement, then the course instructor may determine the method of sharing or submission. 

  • GLOW > Upload Media (via Assignment, Discussion, etc.)  
  • Google Drive (share the file with specific people or create a shareable link)