Recording from Zoom to Panopto

Williams first subscribed to Zoom in the early days of the pandemic to support remote teaching, and it was set up so that cloud-recorded Zoom meetings were automatically uploaded to Glow and Panopto. (Panopto is the video streaming service used by Glow.) At the time, that made good sense, since… Continue reading »

How do I upload my video files?

1. Go to the Course Media Gallery of your course on GLOW. 2  Click the Create option, then select Upload Media. 3. In the window that appears, drag and drop video (or audio files) into the box, or select the box to locate the audio/video files you want to upload. Continue reading »

How can I delete the secondary screen?

Go to your recording in the Course Media Gallery. Move a mouse over next to the thumbnail of your recording and click “Settings.” Select “Streams,” then move the mouse over the track that you want to delete and click “X”. (There is no undo, so you may want to make… Continue reading »

Panopto: FAQs for Instructors

Panopto is an audio/video streaming platform that is fully integrated with Glow as the Course Media Gallery that offers flexible recording and uploading tools for recording video lessons, integrating lecture slides, and in-video quizzing. Managing Active and Inactive (Archived) Content Q: What is the difference between Active and Inactive… Continue reading »