Panopto: FAQs for Instructors

Panopto is an audio/video streaming platform that is fully integrated with Glow as the Course Media Gallery that offers flexible recording and uploading tools for recording video lessons, integrating lecture slides, and in-video quizzing.

Managing Active and Inactive (Archived) Content

Q: What is the difference between Active and Inactive Content?
Q: How do I know if my content is inactive?
Q: How do I reactivate my content?
Q: How do I make sure my content continues active through the semester?

Panopto and Zoom Integration

Q: How do I opt-in of Zoom Recording Imports to GLOW/Panopto?

Installing the Panopto Recorder

Q: How do I download and install the Panopto recorder?

Accepting Cookies

Q: Course Media Gallery says I have to accept cookies. What address to I use to make a cookies exception if I don’t want to accept all cookies with my web browers?

Creating content / Recording

Q: How do I upload my video and/or audio files?
Q: How do I create a prerecorded lecture in GLOW using Panopto App?
Q: How do I create a video using Panopto Capture?
Q: How do I prepare iPad/iPhone videos for Panopto?
Q: How do I improve lecture recordings?
Q: What kind of document camera should I use?


Q: How do I edit my video?
Q: How do I add a Table of Contents to a video in the Editor?
Q: How do I add and edit slides in the Editor?
Q: How can I delete the secondary screen?


Q: How do I edit the ARS (Automatic Speech Recognition) Captions?
Q: How do I use Multiple Language ARC captioning?
Q: How do I download the captions?


Q: How do I troubleshoot issues (cookies etc.) while viewing videos in Panopto?
Q: How do I enable the download option for my video in the Course Media Gallery?
Q: What kinds of accessibility features does Panopto offer?
Q: How can I access viewing statistics?


Q: How do I embed my video on a GLOW page (e.g. Announcement, Assignment, Discussion and etc.)?

File and Folder Management

Q: How do I upload my video files?
Q: How do I create a new folder?
Q: How do I manage my folders?
Q: How do I copy or move my video(s) to another course?
Q: How do I import my old folders and videos into my new course?

Video Quizzes and Assignments

Q: How do I add a quiz to a video?
Q: How do I use a Panopto quiz as a GLOW assignment?
Q: How do I create a video assignment in GLOW using Panopto?
Q: How do I sync interactive video quizzes to the Gradebook in GLOW?
Q: How do my students submit a video assignment in GLOW using Panopto?

Library Streaming Services

Q: How do I request library materials to be streamed in my course?

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