How do I secure my Google Meet sessions (a.k.a. avoid Meetbombing)?

Your student’s experience with online conferencing may be negatively impacted by interference from uninvited attendees or even from your own students. Sometimes referred to as ‘Meetbombing’, this interference could take the form of inappropriate chats and link/file sharing, audio/video disruption, invasive screen sharing, or other disruptive actions. 

NOTE: Google Hangouts Meet was designed with collaboration and equality in mind rather than mimicking the more formal structure of other webinar or video conferencing tools. For this reason, Meet does not have controls that would privilege one user over other users. 

To prevent or at least minimize this risk, you will want to do the following: 

  1. Use best practices when it concerns how you choose to advertise or allow attendance to your online sessions. 
  2. Communicate online etiquette and best practices with attendees.
  3. For complete control over your session (particularly when presenting to large groups), consider using the Hangouts Meet Live Stream option.

As with other course development efforts, planning and preparation are often the best approach to shaping outcomes. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how to best use Meet for your specific objectives, please use the ITech Virtual Drop-In