How do I schedule Zoom meetings?

Zoom offers this guide to scheduling Zoom meetings.

Who can edit meeting details?
Only the person who creates the meeting can edit the meeting details. You can designate others as co-hosts once the meeting starts. However, they cannot edit the meeting details prior to the start of the meeting.

Can my departmental assistant schedule my class meetings?
Yes, but to maintain control of the meeting/event in the Zoom interface we strongly recommend faculty schedule their own Zoom meetings. Then as the “host”, faculty start the meeting and have maximum editing and viewing control of their meetings.

Should I schedule my classes to start and extend a few minutes before my class’ official start and end times?
You can set a Zoom meeting to start any time you want. However, the meeting does not start until the host signs in. A Zoom session ends instantly at the scheduled end time so you probably want to extend the class meeting time by 15 minutes. This will allow students to ask questions, “mill about”.

Can I schedule multiple class meetings at once?
Yes. When you set up your Zoom meeting using Google Calendar, you can set recurring meetings just as you would for recurring appointments in Calendar.  You can also use Williams’ Zoom portal ( to schedule recurring meetings and send Google Calendar invites.

How do I notify my students about my online class sessions?

  • By using Google Calendar to initiate the session you can invite all of your students by adding them as guests to the Calendar invite. This will automatically put the meeting in their Google Calendar. See the section at the top on scheduling Zoom meetings.
  • You can also copy and paste the Join Meeting link from your Calendar invite into GLOW. Never paste the link on a public web page since anyone with the link will be able to join your meeting.
  • You can paste the invitation into an email. You can use Glow to generate a list of addresses for your students.