How do I move or copy my video(s) to another course?

IMPORTANT: If you wish to move/copy videos to a new course, you must first go to the new course in GLOW and select the Course Media Gallery. This will create a new course folder in Panopto with proper permission. This initial step only needs to be done once for each new course.

1. Go to the Course Media Gallery where your videos are and click the box with the arrow to open your Course Media Gallery in a new window with full controls outside of GLOW.

Course Media Gallery, how to get the full control

2. Click the checkbox next to a chosen video, which appears when you move your mouse over it, then click the Copy button at the top to copy it to your Course Media Gallery or click Move to remove it from the current folder and add it to the new Course Media Gallery.

Panopto: how to copy a video to another course

3. Choose the course you want it copied to. If it is not listed, use Search to find your course where the video is to be copied to.

Select your course from the menu

4. Click the Copy button to finish the process.

Showing the copy button to finalize the process.