GLOW Student FAQ

How do I sign up for appointment slots on GLOW?

In Global Navigation, click the Calendar link. Find Appointment In the Calendar sidebar, click the Find Appointment button. Select Course If a course includes an appointment, the name of the course displays in the Course drop-down menu. Select the course where you want to look for an appointment [1], then click the Submit button [2]. View… Continue reading »

How should my students record audio/video?

Audio/video (mic/webcam) recording is valuable for performative tasks such as student proficiency with arts (e.g. dance, form, etc.) or languages (e.g. pronunciation, conversation, etc.).  NOTE: For information about recording screen capture in addition to audio/video, please see How should my students record a… Continue reading »

GLOW: Complete FAQs for Students

This page provides a quick guide and list of FAQs to help students get started with Glow Log in You can login to the Glow service at You should use your regular Williams username and password. If you can’t login and/or need to reset your… Continue reading »