How do I upload my video files?

1. Go to the Course Media Gallery of your course on GLOW.

2  Click the Create option, then select Upload Media.

Panopto Upload Media option

3. In the window that appears, drag and drop video (or audio files) into the box, or select the box to locate the audio/video files you want to upload. Note: You can drop multiple files into the video upload window at one time to create multiple sessions. 

Panopto Add Files Window

4. The uploading process may take a few moments to finish, based on the size and amount of files.

Note: Once the upload process is complete, you can close the window. The video sessions will be processed for playback in Panopto. After processing, you will be able to edit your videos.  For supported media file types, see Learn About Supported Media File Types for Uploading. To learn how to edit your videos, please visit: How to Edit a Video

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