How does GLOW & Zoom integration work?

Zoom LTI for GLOW

You can enable the Zoom LTI for GLOW and schedule Zoom meetings in GLOW. Be sure you have claimed your Zoom license since the LTI requires that the meeting host be a licensed Zoom user. If you recorded a session to the Zoom Cloud, your recording will be automatically moved to Panopto (a.k.a. the Course Media Gallery) for sharing.  As space is limited, your recording in the Zoom cloud will be removed after 21 days, or sooner if space limits are reached. More information on Zoom Cloud Recording and Panopto integration can be found here.

How do I enable the Zoom link on the course menu?

1. In Course Navigation, click the “Settings” link.

Open Settings

2. Click the “Navigation” tab.

Open Navigation

3. Use the drag and drop option to move the Zoom link to the desired location by releasing the mouse.

how to enable Zoom LTI in Glow

4. Click “Save.”

How do I schedule a meeting using the LTI?

1. Click the Zoom link to open the Zoom page and click “Schedule a New Meeting.”

zoom LTI and how to schedule a meeting

2. On the next page, select the settings you would like for your Zoom meeting.

    • Topic: enter in a name for your session.
    • Scheduling options: Select the date, start time, duration of meeting, and whether or not this will be a recurring meeting.
    • Audio and Video options: Select whether or not you would like to use a webcam and whether to allow your students to share video images of themselves.
    • Meeting options: Select the options that you wish to use.

3. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.