How can I email my class using the Course Email Tool?

The Course Email tool allows you to use your email client to email the students, TAs, or co-teachers in your class. The tool allows you to select the specific students that you want to message or the whole class, and then opens a new message for you in your email using those students’ addresses. It will also provide you a copy of the list of addresses to paste into any other system.

  • In your class, click on the Course Email tool (in the left side navigation).
  • Select the group that you want to message, or everyone to email the whole class.
  • Click on “Compose Email” to open a new message pre-populated with the recipients’ addresses in your default mail client, or click “Copy as Text” to generate a list of addresses to paste into another program.

Glow course email tool screenshot

Because Gmail puts a limit of 99 email addresses in the “to” field of other email clients, we recommend that when you need to email more than 99 people, use Gmail in Google Chrome to send the message. The limit for Google Chrome is 2000 for Williams email addresses (internal) and 500 for non-Williams email addresses (external).  Here are the instructions on how to set Chrome as your default mail client.

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