GLOW Getting Started

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OIT Support If you are experiencing a GLOW related issue, email [email protected] to reach Instructional Technology Specialists, or email [email protected] to submit a ticket. Your inquiry will be answered within one business day. Course Design Consultation If you want a GLOW course design consultation, please contact your… Continue reading »

Course Import Tool

To copy course content, assignments, and quizzes from previous semesters, use the Course Import Tool from the Course Settings. 1. Go to your new course, then in the course navigation menu on the left, click the Settings link. 2. Click the Import Content Content link on the right. 3. Continue reading »

How to embed an image in the Rich Content Editor

Open Rich Content Editor (RCE) Upload Images from Toolbar To upload an image from the toolbar, click the Image icon [1]. You can also upload an image from the image options menu. To view additional image options, click the Image Options arrow [2]. Then select the Upload Image option [3]. Note: To view the Image icon, you… Continue reading »

Top Glow FAQs – Read Me First

Faculty Q: How do I make my course available to my students? Publish Your Course The home page of your course will indicate that it is unpublished and have a button for publishing to make the course available for students. Click the Publish button under “Course Status”  in the… Continue reading »

How do I merge multiple sections into a single section?

At Williams, a GLOW (Canvas) course typically contains only one Section (defined student enrollment) per course based on the course schedule. Typically, this is to accommodate courses with large enrollments where lectures, labs, or other course sessions have been scheduled to occur during different dates or times. However, faculty who… Continue reading »

What’s my GLOW username & password?

Your GLOW login is your username (the one *without*, the same username that you use to login to the Password Changer. The password for GLOW is the same one you use for your email and most other College services. You can change your password, and retrieve lost passwords at… Continue reading »