Welcome to National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023!

This year, for NCAM, I’ll be focusing on types of social engineering and how we can detect and thwart them. There are a lot of new techniques designed to trick the human, and it’s important to use this annual opportunity to share some of this information.

Before we settle in for planned programming, however, I have to use this message to encourage you all to update your software today. There have been many critical vulnerabilities discovered recently, like libwebp and libvpx, which affect all sorts of apps and software.

Please take a few minutes today to check if your operating system, whether macOS or Windows, can be updated, and install any updates available, or upgrade to the newest OS version as applicable. Then, check all the apps on your phone, tablet and/or computer, including and especially your browsers for updates and apply them too. This is the best defense against vulnerability exploitation.

And because it’s the 20th anniversary, CISA produced a good 1-min video that covers several great concepts to adopt. Please take a look, and stay safe online!