Using Okta MFA with the Williams VPN client

To enhance the security of our systems, Okta MFA will be required for VPN access starting November 15.    Active ransomware groups are targeting organizations that do not have MFA for their VPN users*.  If you have not yet signed up for Okta please do so.

To use Okta MFA for VPN enter your username and password as normal.

You will be prompted with some options.  You can:

  • Enter 1 then continue.  You will get your normal Okta prompt.
  • Or enter 2 if you are set up to use SMS / Text.  Continue and then enter your code.
  • Or simply type in the code from the Okta Verify app and hit continue
  • Or type in the code from the Google Authenticator app (if you have configured it) then hit continue.

If you have not yet signed up for Okta please do so now.  While on campus you can follow these directions or you can email [email protected] for assistance.


*Do you even need to use VPN?    Most of the college’s services are available without needing to use it, so check to see if it is required for your work.

Working From Off-Campus