Update your software now to be ready for fall!

No matter your hardware platform of choice or what software you use, they all need updates from time to time, often to protect you and your data from loss or harm. Run through this brief checklist to ensure your systems are as ready as you are for the fall.

1. Install Operating System (OS) updates. Windows and MacOS both receive regular updates from Microsoft and Apple. iOS and Android too. These are the most important updates for your devices, so please check to see if you have any to install.

2. Update installed software. Update your browsers, Adobe software, local Zoom client, and any other apps you may use. A Windows Update won’t update Adobe Acrobat for you, but it may update Edge. Run OS updates first, then examine your system for frequently used apps that may need manual attention.

3. Restart your device. Modern computing platforms, especially mobile, are far more stable than previous generation products. Every computing device, however, benefits from being turned off and turned back on regularly. Try to do this weekly or monthly for all your devices, including tablets and phones.

There have been several vulnerabilities recently in the Installed Software department, affecting Zoom and Google Chrome, so this is very important. Installing updates is probably the best defensive activity you can invest some time in…all while enjoying these last, long summer days.