Access Considerations For Employee Transfers

Process for managing data when an employee changes departments within Williams

When a Williams employee changes departments (for example someone going from the Office for Information Technology to the Facilities department), Google shares, drives, calendars, email aliases and lists need to be manually changed.   The employee, supervisor and possibly department head should meet to think about the orderly transfer of deparmental data as well as the removal of the employee from departmental data access.

Google Groups

If the department has any Google Groups (e.g. OIT or Facilities) they will need to be removed.  There may be more than one.  This will remove Google shares granted by being a member of that Group and also stop the employee from receiving emails to those Groups.  Usually someone in the department will be the owner of those groups and can do this themselves, but if you are not sure which groups a departing employee is a member of contact [email protected] and we can remove them.

Listservs and Aliases

List managers will be able to remove employees from any departmental email lists (usually in the format of [email protected]). OIT will need to remove them from email aliases.  Ask OIT at [email protected] if you know of email aliases (which look similar to Groups like [email protected]).

Google Shared Drives

The supervisor or dept head should check any Google Shared Drives (from their own Google drive) and remove the employee from any that they have access to.  Someone in the department will have the Manage rights to do this.

Individual Google Shares

Individual Google shares includes Google docs, sheets, pdfs and files in Google Drive which have been explicitely shared with the employee.  Staff members in the department will need to check in their own Google Drives to see which files (if any) they have shared with the departing employee and then remove that access.  To search for these files in Google Drive do a search for “files owned by me” and which are shared to the departing employee.

Alternately, staff can search for files which the departing employee shared with them.  The ownership of these should be transfered to a different employee, or moved to a departmental Shared Drive.  To find these search as above for files with them as owner.  Note that results will return Shared Drives which the employee has Manage rights to (as indicated in the Owner column).  Those files will not need to be transferred but the employee will need to be removed from the Shared Drive (in the Shared Drives section above).

Google Calendar

Check department Calendars for recurring meetings (e.g. staff meetings) and remove the employee.

Alternately if the employee managed any department Calendars, ensure that someone else has the full edit rights before the transfer and removal.

Other Applications

Please think about the tools and systems the employee used for their job.   If appropriate, make or request access changes to applications such as PeopleSoft HR, Financials, Student Records, DocFinity and other department systems.