Security post - managing a passel of passwords

As you know, not every password scheme or tool works for everybody. You need to use a system that works best for you, one that is simple enough to be foolproof and practical in daily use but secure enough to guard your digital life.

It’s a natural tendency for people to try and keep things simple by using the same password for multiple services or devices. But as recent headlines have made clear, no site is completely safe from break-ins and the username and password you used at site X, Y, and Z may go on sale to the highest bidder without your knowledge at any time.

Experts agree that having different passwords for every site is the best defense against having your accounts broken into……but managing lots of accounts can be a real challenge.

Here are some resources with practical advice on how to create, use and manage passwords.

Regards, Seth

Director of Desktop Systems

Office for Information Technology

Williams College