Save college files and records created by Seniors before July 1


Senior accounts close on July 1 and will be deleted shortly after.  If a Senior created Google content like Docs for your department, or for academic collaboration it will be necessary to have files they created (and therefore own) transfered to an individual or to a Shared Drive for preservation.

You can ask the student to manually change ownership of files, or if there are only a few you can “make a copy” which creates a new file that you own.  Larger folders with many files are more complicated but can be moved to a Shared Drive which preserves the existing sharing structure.  Check with OIT for information on how to do a Shared Drive move.

Shortly before the Senior account data is deleted the files will have “(Pending Deletion – Contact OIT)” added to the names for easy identification.  You can even search for “Pending Deletion” in your own Drive to help pick out files that have been shared with you which might need preserving.

Seniors have already received notification from OIT regarding these dates and the need to transfer files which should stay with the college, but we need faculty and staff to do the same calculation in order to avoid data loss.

Please feel free to contact OIT with any questions – [email protected]