Printing issues on Windows computers after a Microsoft update

UPDATE 10/25/21:  We now recommend you re-add your printers by following the directions here:

The campus is seeing Windows computers which have received a Microsoft update this week then being unable to print and unable to add new printers.

Our current solution is to uninstall the particular update, which Williams College faculty and staff can do on their own.   To do so:

  • Close your open documents and programs
  • Go to Windows Start:  Settings gear:
  • Update and Security:
  • Click Pause updates for 7 days (if this is already greyed out and unclickable that is fine)
  • Click View Update History:
  • Click Uninstall updates at the top
  • Uninstall the specific security update  KB5006670  OR  KB5006667 .  The update may be near the bottom of the list under “Microsoft Windows”
  • When prompted allow the computer to reboot to complete the process.

This should take about 5-10 minutes.

Thank you for your assistance and patience as we look into resolving this.