Phone Location Audit for 911

In order for first responders to quickly find you if you call 911, OIT will be performing an audit to verify the location of all phones in all buildings on campus between 7/16/2021 and 8/30/2021

The process will be:

  • if your door is open
    • ask you if they can inventory your phone or come back later
    • Inventory is done on the phone by choosing various menu options.
    • Some phones need a reset, which would require the phone to reboot up to 2 times and take possibly 5 minutes, most phones the inventory process will take less than 30 seconds.
  • If your door is closed
    • they will knock and announce themselves
    • wait 10 seconds, knock again and announce themselves
    • if no answer they will then enter and perform the phone inventory as described above.