Phishing Attempt-"Email Mentainance"

Another round of phishing has arrived in many Inboxes over the weekend.  The body of the email contains the follow:

“Your email account has used 90% of its allowable storage space. Once your account exceeds the allowable storage space you will be unable to receive any email. ”

The from address is: [email protected], which is not one of OIT’s

We have been receiving reports of many receiving these scam emails. You can simply delete the message.

How can you easily tell this is a scam?

  • The subject line does not follow OIT standards.
  • If you hover your mouse over the Click here link (without clicking) you will see the web address it directs to, which is clearly not a Williams address.
  • When in doubt please forward a copy of the email to [email protected].

For more information about how to identify a phishing attempt go to:

Scam and Phishing Identification

We have more information at:

You may also contact student or facstaff support with questions.