Passwords are passe!

You need 2-step to be secure.

Over 1550 Ephs and over 20 administrative departments are protected by 2-step! We need you to join the herd. Think it’s not important? Read on to see how lack of 2-step has dramatically impacted companies like JP Morgan, groups like the DNC and many individuals.

Why does OIT keep bugging me about this? A lack of 2-step authentication (multi-factor authentication or MFA) has caused many notable email and data breaches creating financial, political and personal distress. Companies, organizations and individuals are all targeted for many different reasons!

If you are at all unfamiliar with 2-step, please read this first

You can sign up for Google 2-step by following these directions: do not need to be on campus to turn this on. If you’d like assistance with the setup please email desktop​@williams​.edu, call us at 413 597 4090 or visit us on the 1st floor of Jesup or the 2nd floor of Sawyer CET.